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Diwali Night: Festival of Lights~~~~ November 2006

Program was Sponsored by Michigan Technological University Indian Students Assocation
ISA members Diwali Night 2006

Members of the Indian Students Assocation serving the Authentic Indian meals

Over 1300 students, faculty and public were served dinner

Dinner Food

Dawali Night Dinner in Wadsworth Hall

Indian chefs from Detroit prepared the Indian Cuisine

crowd serving
Dawali Night is the Festival of Lights Dawali Night Dinner in Wadsworth Hall
Atrium Rozsa
Rozsa Center for Performing Arts Lobby Audience in Rozsa Center for Performing Arts

Special Guest Performance:

Professional Minneapolis dance troupe 'Ragamala'
Ragamala Music and Dance Theater's work provides a bridge between cultures both ancient and modern, exploring a unique style of living poetry for the stage. Rooted in Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form from southern India, Ragamala blends dance, music, and poetry. Old forms are used in new ways to retain the past, enhance the present, and inspire the future.

Dancer dancers
dancer stage
ISA crowd

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