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MTRI Research Projects Posters Presented at Michigan Tech’s Campus

Groundwater Investigation Using Resistivity Surveys on a Terminal Moraine, Bering Glacier; Kevin Endsley, Silvio Espino, John Gierke, and Joshua Richardson

See News item Michigan Tech research professors and students recently visited the Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI) projects in Alaska.

Students and faculty viewing the posters, a few sample views and links shown below.

The Bering Glacier Program: A Scientific Approach to Understand a Unique Natural Environment
Bob Shuchman and Liza Liversedge

See all the posters at MTRI website

Biomedical Signal Processing Automated Diagnosis of Sleep and Neurological Disorders
Joe Burns

Chris Roussi and Mark Stuff of MTRI



MTRI: Michigan Tech Research Institute (Ann Arbor) Website





October 5, 2007 - MTRI Lecture and Poster Session

Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI) poster presentations were on display in Fisher Hall where numerous faculty and students had the chance to study them.

One important feature for students was the wealth of information about becoming engaged in research. Students and researchers currently involved in research projects were present with their posters to answer questions.

Colin Brooks, Research Scientist and Manager of Environmental Science Laboratory, MTRI presented a seminar "Using web-based decision support systems to understand the impacts of contamination on Great Lakes rivers and human health."

Nik Subotic, co-director of MTRI, Ruth Reck, Michigan Tech Board of Control member who is Director of the National Institute for Global Environmental Change (NIGEC) and Professor at the University of California at Davis, and Bob Shuchman, co-director of MTRI.

MTRI Personnel at poster session. Seated: Michelle Wienert, Lucas Spaete, Laura Bourgeau-Chavez, Nancy French; Standing, Ben Koziol and Tyler Erickson

You can see all the posters at MTRI website or follow poster title links listed below.

Posters Presented at Michigan Tech’s Campus

Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)
Robert Shuchman, Nikola Subotic, Greg Leonard and Lisa Phillips

Specialized Tools

ALWAS: Automated Lagrangian Water Quality Assessment System
Robert Shuchman

Computing Capabilities at MTRI
Joe Garbarino, Chris Roussi, and Brian White

GASS: Glacier Ablation Sensor System
Robert Shuchman

Internships at MTRI
Colin Brooks and Nancy French

Measurement Hardware and Capabilities
Brian Wilson, Joseph Burns, Colin Brooks

Tyler Erickson

Projects and Capabilities

An Algorithm for the Retrieval of Chlorophyll, Dissolved Organic Carbon, and Inorganic Suspended Mineral Concentrations in the Great Lakes using Multi-spectral Satellite Data
Robert Shuchman and Chuck Hatt

Assessment of Alaskan Fire Duration using MODIS Fire Products
Lucas Spaete, Nancy French, and Richard Powell

The Bering Glacier Program: a Scientific Approach to Understand a Unique Natural Environment
Robert Shuchman and Liza Liversedge

Bering Glacier Seismic Array for detecting Basal Sliding and Calving Events
Joshua Richardson, Wayne Pennington, John Gierke, Kevin Endsley, and Silvia Espino

Biomedical Signal Processing: Automated Diagnosis of Sleep and Neurological Disorders
Joseph Burns

Carbon and Trace Gas Emission from Wildfires in the Boreal Regions of North America
Nancy French

Coded Aperture Optics Modeling and Simulation
Nikola Subotic

Cognitive Processing for Adaptive Optical Sensor Control (Covision)
Nikola Subotic, Chris Roussi

Conditional and Constrained Joint Optimization of RADAR Waveforms
Nikola Subotic and Kyle Cooper

GLEAMS: The Great lakes Environmental and Molecular Science Center Decision Support System
Colin Brooks, Eric Keefauver, Ben Koziol, Tyler Erickson, Liza Liversedge, Michelle Wienert, Robert Shuchman, Chuck Hatt, and Chris Roussi

Groundwater Investigation Using Resistivity Surveys on a Terminal Moraine, Bering Glacier
Kevin Endsley, Silvia Espino, John Gierke, and Joshua Richardson

Improving the Prediction of Wildfire Potential in Boreal Alaska with Satellite Imaging Radar
Laura Bourgeau-Chavez

Intrusion Detection
Nick Subotic, William Buller, Joseph Burns, Chris Roussi, and Brian Wilson

Measurement of the Mutual Coherence Function of an Incoherent Infrared Field with a Gold Nano-wire Dipole Antenna Array
Nikola Subotic, Kyle Cooper and William Buller

MTRI/Michigan Tech Collaborative 2007 Bering Glacier Research Activities
Robert Shuchman and Liza Liversedge

MTRI’s Support to the North Slope Science Initiative: Customized Web Portal and Internet Map Service
Robert Shuchman, Liza Liversedge, and Eric Keefauver

An Object-based Model for Mapping Agricultural Land Cover using Multi-temporal Data
Richard Powell, Colin Brooks, David Schaub, and Nancy French

Optical Detection of Underground Structures Using Seismic Surface Waves
Chris Roussi and Nikola Subotic

Transportation Applications of Restricted Use Technology Study
Richard Wallace, Robert Shuchman, Colin Brooks, David Schaub, Rick Powell

Visualization and Simulation of Disease Outbreaks: Spatially Explicit applications using Disease Surveillance Data
Joseph Burns, Colin Brooks, and Eric Keefauver

What Does a Pixel Represent?  Accounting for Non-uniform Spatial Information Content of Remotely-sensed Data Used for Data Assimilation
Tyler Erickson

Web Portals Created for MTRI Projects
Liza Liversedge and Michelle Wienert

Workshops, Focus Groups and Technical Conferences
Robert Shuchman and Michelle Wienert