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Center for Water and Society World Water Day 2013

"Play the Duck Game to win a book": The book was "Flotsametrics and the Floating World" This Trivia game was offered at the World Water Day celebration by the Michigan Tech Students for Environmental Sustainability. Also, the organization is sponsoring Michigan Tech Earth Week, March 24-30

Center for Water and Society World Water Day Poster Competition Awards

Event photos and videos provided by Michigan Tech College of Engineering: Promoting interdisciplinary research

The Center for Water & Society World Water Day poster competition was held at the Great Lakes Research Center on Thursday March 21, 2013. Awards were made in two categories: Original Research (presentation of thesis or project research) and Coursework/Informational (presentation of coursework or literature-based research). CWS Faculty presented a showcase of CWS research, followed by A dinner in the Atrium overlooking the lake.

World Water Day at Michigan Tech 2013 from Engineering Michigan Tech on Vimeo.

View a few sample student research projects on Video Playlist

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Award Winners

Original Research Category:
1st - Miles Corcoran
2nd - Julie A. Padilla
3rd - Jade E. Ortiz and Martin Hobmeier (Tie)

1st - Nancy Auer's BL4465 Biological Oceanography class

First Place Award Original Research

Miles Corcoran

Advisor: Nancy Auer

Respiration and Consumption Rates of Lake Superior Diporeia


Second Place Award Original Research

Julie A. Padilla

Advisor: Noel Urban

An Evaluation of the Proposed MDEQ Water Quality Standard for Copper in the Upper Peninsula Using Two Multimetric Approaches



Third Place Award Original Research (Tie)

Martin Hobmeier

Advisor: Charlie Kerfoot

Spiny Water Flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) Impacts on Zooplankton
Communities of Voyageurs National Park

Third Place Award Original Research (Tie)

Jade E. Ortiz

Advisor: Amy Marcarelli

Sand Accumulation in the Salmon Trout River Changes Gross Primary Production and Respiration Rates by Biofilms

First Place Award Coursework/Informational

Nancy Auer's BL4465 Biological Oceanography class:

Barbara Michel, Jade Ortiz, Amanda Miller, Kyle Schueller, Melissa Patterson, Eryn Grupido, Eric Dipping, Erin Collins

Plastic and Pharmaceutical Accumulation in the Great Lakes: A Local Problem with Global Impacts

Jeremy Olach

Advisor: Nancy Auer

Translocation and Telemetry of Pre-Spawning Lake Sturgeon in an
Upper Reach of the Menominee River


Mariah Maggio

Advisor: Carol MacLennan

Investigation of the Utility of Rapid Assessment Process for the Environmental Development Work of Peace Corps Master’s International Students

Rasika Gawde

Advisor: Marty Auer

The Thermal Regime of Lake Superior: Interannual Differences in Ice-Covered and Ice-Free Years

James Olson

Advisor: Amy Marcarelli

Evaluating the Impact of Culvert Designs on Hydrologic Connectivity and Nutrient Uptake in Northern Wisconsin Streams

Anika Kuczynski

Advisor: Marty Auer

Implications of changes in Cladophora biomass in the Great Lakes: a
comprehensive review of published data (1979-2010)

Anthony (Tony) Matthys

Advisor: Casey Huckins

Estimating Physical Habitat Characteristics and Fish Habitat Preference within Streams: A Tool for Restoration Monitoring

Joshua R. Papacek

Advisor: Amy Marcarelli

Nutrient Limitation of Phytoplankton in Portage Lake, Michigan

Brian Danhoff

Advisor: Casey Huckins

Manistee River Tributaries as Potential Arctic Grayling Habitat

Matthew Van Grinsven

Advisor: Tom Pypker

Estimating Hydrological Contributions to Black Ash Wetlands in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Erin Collins

Advisor: Amy Schrank

Impacts of moose foraging on phosphorus availability to Utricularia vulgaris

Rachael Barlock

Advisor: Brian Barkdoll

Bubble Plate for Erosion Reduction

Ankita Mandelia

Advisors: Noel Urban/Judith Perlinger

Analysis of PCB contamination in the Torch Lake Area of Concern


Emma Schwaiger

Advisor: Carol MacLennan

Environmental Impact of the Torch Lake Industrial Waterfront

Ashley A. Coble

Advisor: Amy Marcarelli

Nitrogen and Phosphorus, but not Carbon, are Quickly Taken up in Streams: Assessing Variability in Nutrient Uptake across Six Lake

No Picture

Aparupa Sengupta

Advisors: Rupali Datta and
Susan Bagley

Antibiotic remediation from wastewater using vetiver grass and tetracycline-tolerant bacteria

No Picture

Marcel Dijkstra

Advisor: Marty Auer

An examination of interannual, seasonal and spatial dynamics in phytoplankton C:P stoichiometry in Lake Superior

No Picture

Rabi Gyawali

Advisor: Dave Watkins

Regional Regression Models for Hydro-Climate Change Impact Assessment

No Picture

Andrew Kozich

Advisor: Kathleen Halvorsen

A Great Lakes Cultural Model for Water-Related Values, Beliefs, and Behaviors

Faculty associated with the Center gave short presentations about their research work:

Noel Urban, Director, Michigan Tech Center for Water and Society

Amy Marcarelli reads the award winners

Emma S. Norman, Assistant Professor of Geography, Department of Social Sciences, Environmental and Energy Policy Program

Amy Marcarelli, Amy M. Marcarelli Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Colleen B. Mouw, Assistant Professor, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences

Martin Hobmeier, Biological Sciences

Jason D Gulley, Assistant Professor, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences

Rodney A. Chimner, Associate Professor, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

Joan Schumaker Chadde, K-12 Education & Outreach Program Coordinator

Nancy A. Auer, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Photos of Trivia game from the Michigan Tech Students for Environmental Sustainability

More Poster session photos

More Poster session photos

Dinner in the Great Lakes Research Center Atrium overlooking the lake

For more information: Center for Water & Society