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Getting started

Below are some initial considerations for becoming a project sponsor:

  • Identify one or more project ideas-ideal projects are technical problems or opportunities involving open-ended design solutions, are appropriate for entry-level engineers in your organization, are not on your company's 'critical path', and can be completed on-campus during the academic year.
  • Consider the engineering disciplines which are most appropriate for the project-our program can accommodate multi-disciplinary project teams in addition to focused projects in a core discipline.
  • Identify a project champion or company liaison who will commit time for regular interaction with the student team-this is critical to the overall experience.
  • Anticipate the resources that will be required for successful completion of the project-our extensive facilities allow for a broad range of engineering projects to be completed. Specialized materials, equipment, software, etc. that prove time or cost prohibitive to acquire on campus may need to be supplied or loaned to the team.
  • Commit funds to sponsor the program. The standard sponsorship fee is $15-17.5k per project, which supports our program infrastructure as well as the team's direct project budget.
  • Contact us by phone or email for a more detailed discussion, and to work through the process of sponsoring a project team.

Intellectual property considerations