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Blooming Campus

Spring Blooms

by Quincy Higgins Arney, Master Gardener, From Tech Today

As you walk across campus this time of year, there's a good chance you'll notice tulips and daffodils courageously sprouting through the thawing earth, giving the nod to warmer weather that awaits us. Their bold and beautiful presence honors and celebrates the visionary women that launched a campus-wide beautification initiative.

In 2006-07, members of Michigan Tech's Presidential Council of Alumnae (PCA) along with other University friends donated funds to purchase and plant flower bulbs to improve the aesthetics of campus during the spring and summer months. This initial effort not only added to the beauty of campus, but was also the catalyst for two additional efforts focused on enhancing the campus green space today and into the future. Michigan Tech now has a Friends of the Garden fund (#3171) which anyone can support with a gift through the Michigan Tech Fund. The University also has a full-time Master Gardener who is charged with continuing to transform campus into a rich and diverse landscape with sustainable gardens that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. 

So, with spring upon us it's an appropriate time to give a shout out to these Michigan Tech women for taking that initial step to make the physical campus more inviting and welcoming for all.

I hear from so many of these people every year how much they are enjoying the beauty of today's campus. Thank you PCA.

IMG_1177.jpg IMG_1182.jpg IMG_1186.jpg
IMG_1191.jpg IMG_1194.jpg IMG_1195.jpg
IMG_1198.jpg IMG_1861.jpg IMG_9054.jpg
IMG_9056.jpg IMG_9059.jpg IMG_9060pp.jpg
IMG_9061.jpg IMG_9067.jpg IMG_9075a.jpg
IMG_9083.jpg IMG_9094.jpg IMG_9102.jpg
IMG_9103.jpg IMG_9111.jpg IMG_9113.jpg
IMG_9115.jpg IMG_9119.jpg P6040004.jpg
P6130072.jpg P6130075.jpg

View Pictures of all the Flowers and Blossoms around the Michigan Tech main campus

Modified on June 3, 2014
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